Since Félix Curto established himself in Mexico in 1997, the idea of traveling as an experience and as the construction of memory became part of his work. Curto revitalizes the poetic and nostalgic aspects of the recent past by using photography and objects he finds and collects. His work revolves around the idea of geographical and physical, as well as interior and imagined, traveling; therefore: motels, old cars, highways, and landscapes have become recurrent topics in his photographs.


The elements he uses make evident the several techniques where Curto’s imaginary comes from. His photographs and diverse paintings and objects conform fragmented experiences with a strong influence from road movies. Usually he includes in his shows fragments of his travels: billboards, records, signs, or boxes that are collected and re-elaborated as a part of the authors personal vocabulary.


These affective references grow in the more than 60 works that comprise the exhibition. Works that manage to stress the specta-tor, approaching them to intimate landscapes–as it happens in the pieces Dad or I've Loved Her so Long–but also to share the paths and searches of Curto through a territory where it is possible to lis-ten again to the wishes of all those who sought to build "another" world, evidencing the fissures of American culture and the dream of "an American way of life".


The result is an approach to the author's poetic maturity, who shows a landscape crossed by the social, by the border relations linked to oppression or consumption, thanks to some artistic productions which establish other narratives and other cultural references that, ultimately, present life experiences on these by-products of the global economy which surround us and populate the policy of our memory.


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